Harness the Power of Lightroom


Many of us have tried Lightroom, or currently use it as a part or our workflow. 

Are we getting the best from this program?

What else can we do to harness the potential power of Lightroom?

Jeff Mauritzen, an ASPP Board Member, will be demonstrating his workflow in Lightroom, and leading a follow-up discussion for those who wish to share their own methods with the group. Jeff will be focusing briefly on the Library Module, and providing an in-depth look at the Develop Module, as he applies it to his own workflow.

You should take away an increased understanding of what you can do in Lightroom, and how you could apply some of its many features to your own workflow.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Open Eye Studios

7957 Cameron Brown Court Springfield, VA 22153

Map & directions

*See map at below for entrance to studio*

Cost:  Free!