ImageRights Free Copyright Registration Service

ImageRights Photographers Get Free Copyright Registration Filings

ImageRights Logo imageImageRights International has announced fully automated copyright registration services designed specifically for professional photographers. Image–makers who have tried will tell you that the time, cost, and complexity of copyright registration deters 97% of professional photographers from registering their work with the USCO, which translates to a potential loss of  hundreds of thousands of dollars in statutory damages from infringement claims.

ImageRights is offering unlimited free registrations for the first 30 days of service to professional photographers who register for or upgrade to an ImageRights Pro or Premier account… and, one free USCO registration to photographers who register for a free Basic account on or before August 31, 2015.

This service will revolutionize the process for registering photographs with the United States Copyright Office (USCO). In addition to greatly simplifying the registration process, ImageRights already consults with photographers on their copyright registration workflow strategy and serves as their authorized correspondent to the USCO.

ImageRights’ USCO Copyright Registration service is immediately available for all registered ImageRights account holders. Details and pricing of their Premier, Pro and Basic account plans are the pricing webpage. For more about how the USCO Registration service works, see their copyright registration videos. Use their contact webpage for inquiries or more information.