Saxon Holt’s Book “Good Garden Photography” receives 2015 Gold Award


Good Garden Photography

Self Published E-Book wins Best Garden Book of the Year

Garden photographer / ASPP member / PICTURE PROFESSIONAL magazine contributor Saxon Holt’s string of award winning books has now grown to four in a row.

His self-published e-book Good Garden Photography received the 2015 Gold Award as Best Overall Book from the Garden Writers Association as did his previous book, The American Meadow Garden published by Timber Press, which besides getting the Gold from GWA in 2010, was also recognized by The American Horticulture Society (AHS) as Outstanding Book.

Hardy Succulents from Storey Publishing received the Silver Award for Overall Book 2008 from the Garden Writers; and Plants and Landscapes For Summer-Dry Climates, published by EBMUD, also received both the GWA Best Book Award and the AHS Outstanding Book of 2004.

“I am especially proud that each of these books is a collaboration with the writers, designers, and publishers to create books of enduring information and beauty” says Holt, noting that the most recent Gold Award is for his self-published e-book, entirely a DIY project using Apple iBooks Author.

Holt has expanded his stock photography website, for self-licensing various publishing projects. “The internet has provided all creatives a powerful medium to communicate and it’s quite gratifying to be recognized in this uncharted territory,” says Holt.

Good Garden Photography is the first book released by PhotoBotanic, and two more ebooks in the garden photography series have since been published: Think Like A Camera, and Think Like A Gardener. They are available for $9.95 download at

Praise for “Good Garden Photography”

“Saxon Holt shares the mental and physical processes he uses to create riveting images in which every element is carefully considered and contributes to the story.” —Evelyn Hadden, GardenRant

“Viewing his photography is like having a butterfly land on my hand. it allows me to examine nature in a fresh way that feels deeply privileged. bravo!” —Debra Lee Baldwin, Gardening Gone Wild

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