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Werner Forman Visits the UAE

Werner Forman hawk small image

An Unusual Helicopter Trip Guest post by ASPP member Julian Jackson This is the seventh in the series of articles begun in 2012 by ASPP Member Julian Jackson about Czech-born photographer Werner Forman (1921-2010), who spent his life traveling the globe photographing ancient artifacts, art and cultural heritage, as well as breath-taking landscapes….
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Ice Cream Made from Fish

photo of Eskimo Boots

Werner Forman in Alaska — Guest post by Julian Jackson For the past 6 months I’ve chronicled the story of photographer Werner Forman, who travelled the world to create images of ancient art, architecture and vanishing cultures. Read background about his archive,  how Foreman got his first publishing break in China, and…
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Further Adventures of Werner Forman


Two Pints and a Brush with Death Guest post by ASPP member Julian Jackson In July and again in August, ASPP Member Julian Jackson wrote about Czech-born photographer Werner Forman, who got his first big break photographing chinese art in czech collections. The photos, with text by the editor of Novy Orient, were compiled…
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First Travels by Werner Forman

Head of Tarbosaurus, a dinosaur closely related to Tyrannosaurus. Tarbosauri grew to height of 10-12 m and weight of more than a ton. Country of Origin: Mongolia.  Date/Period: Late Cretaceous period, 70-65 million years ago.  Credit Line: Werner Forman Archive/ Natural History Museum Ulaan Bataar

Global antiquities photographer got his big break in China Guest post by ASPP member Julian Jackson Czech-born art and antiquities photography specialist Werner Forman got his first big publishing break when he photographed Chinese art in Czech collections with a text by the editor of Novy Orient, Lubor Hajek, in 1954. Barbara…
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Werner Forman Archive Uncovers New Images

Werner Forman © Werner Forman Archive

Thousands of previously-unseen pictures of antiquities and ancient art are being scanned Guest post by ASPP member Julian Jackson Werner Forman Archive holds the extraordinary collection from the 75 year career of the late Werner Forman, who trekked the world to photograph ancient art, antiquities and cultures. He was the co-author and…
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