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The Latest from Selling Stock September 2014 - ASPP

The Latest from Selling Stock Sept 2014



Here’s a recap of recent articles posted on Selling Stock. (There is a fee in the form of credits to read the full text of some Selling-Stock stories. Some articles are free and most stories are 2 credits–the amount varies depending on the story.)

Is there a disconnect between GettyImages and the consumer?

Recently it’s become evident that photo giant Gettyimages is taking stock in more images and less editing. Is it working? Basically from the higher priced photographers, it also seems they take less product than from part-time and social media contributors. More iStock search results have been popping up on the Gettyimages website, offering potential customers a huge price benefit if they choose to go to iStock, but will the iStock prices affect GettyImages sales? From the huge difference between a 5.73MB file costing $429.00 on GettyImages and $29.16 on iStock, it might be hard to compete. iStock recently posted new prices, some higher, some lower.

GDI: Another stock photo company

As we read in an interview earlier this month, GDI is a new public stock photo company that Managing Director Charles Taylor has been building for a number of years. Along the way they’ve acquired 16 collections and expanded their reach. Taylor continues with a series of follow up questions on the new public company.

Litigation settled over Google Books

Originally filed in April, 2010 the lawsuit against Google has been settled. Photographers, visual artists and affiliated associations reached a settlement with the company over copyrighted material in Google Books. The settlement benefits all the parties including the non-profit organization PLUS Coalition.

Gettyimages and Microsoft at odds over Bing Image Widget

Citing copyright complications, Gettyimages filed suit against Microsoft over its Bing Image Widget. According to Getty’s complaint: “Rather than draw from a licensed collection of images, Defendant gathers these images by crawling as much of the Internet as it can, copying and indexing every image it finds, without regard to the copyright status of the images and without permission from copyright owners like Plaintiff.” Microsoft subsequently backed down on the Image Widget.