Book Reviews

Harry Gruyaert


— Reviewed for The Picture Professional. Harry Gruyaert has never wanted to be anything but a “color photographer.” With an appropriately brilliant red cover and the deep blacks and saturated tints only Cibachrome can deliver, his new self-titled book is a decades-long document of this steadfastness. As François Hébel reveals in his…
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Experimental Photography: A Handbook of Techniques


— Reviewed for The Picture Professional by Josh Steichmann. Best suited for photographers who have grown up within the digital bubble, Experimental Photography is a well-designed handbook, combining simple instructions for thirty-two hands-on techniques with eighteen interviews of artists, exploring the potential of those techniques. With an emphasis on the practical craft…
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Both Sides of Sunset: Photographing Los Angeles


— Reviewed for The Picture Professional by John W. W. Zeiser. Los Angeles wants to be noticed. Few cities offer better people-watching. This need for notice is in part due to the fact that, despite its size and global import, it’s Johnny-come-lately as far as cities go. Its identity continues to shift,…
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Footprint Travel Photography, 2nd Edition

9781906098421 Travel Photography 1e - Cover Art

— Reviewed for The Picture Professional by Paul H. Henning. The picture business has been turned topsy-turvy over the past two decades and perhaps nowhere has this manifested itself more obviously than in the “travel” sector. Markets for travel images have shriveled in tandem with the decreasing circulation of print magazines. Online…
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The Lost Tribes of Tierra del Fuego


— Reviewed for The Picture Professional. Probably one of the more beautiful physical objects we’ve received, The Lost Tribes of Tierra del Fuego is a gorgeous collection of black-and-white photographs taken of the Selk’nam, Yamana, and Kawésqar peoples during a five-year period, beginning 1919. The photographer, a German missionary named Martin Gusinde,…
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Civil War Sketch Book: Drawings from the Battlefront


— Reviewed for The Picture Professional by Jain Lemos. On the 150th anniversary of America’s darkest internal conflict, we are hauntingly reminded of our nation’s violent past through the eyewitness illustrations in Civil War Sketch Book: Drawings from the Battlefront. These brave draftsmen—known as Special Artists—revolutionized the field of combat documentation and…
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Man Ray Portraits: Paris Hollywood Paris


— Reviewed for The Picture Professional by Brian Seed. Man Ray, born Emanuel Rabinovitch in Brooklyn, New York, in 1890, was a multi-talented artist and a leader of American modernism. One of his many skills was as a photographer, the rudiments of which he learned from Alfred Stieglitz. In 1921, he moved…
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