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The Law – Releases 101: Why and When You Need Them


—Exclusive article by Nancy E. Wolff for The Picture Professional, Issue 3, 2015. Whether a photographer needs to obtain any additional permission from third parties to publish or license a photograph depends on both the content depicted in the photograph and the context of the intended use. Here’s a rundown of the…
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Andre Rosa: The Drag Queens & Covered Bridges of New Hampshire


—by Josh Steichmann for The Picture Professional, Issue 3, 2015. “The whole thing started as a joke: ‘I’ve discovered the culture of New Hampshire. It’s covered bridges and drag queens,’” photographer Andre Rosa explains. Rosa had just moved to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project, an effort to bring 20,000 libertarians to the…
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The Difference Between Professional Photographers and Amateurs

Julian Jackson

—Guest post by ASPP Member Julian Jackson. It’s Not the Camera THE DISTINCTION BETWEEN BEING A PROFESSIONAL photographer has been eroded in recent years. I can still detect the difference and I recommend to clients they hire pros and in my own projects where I cannot take pictures myself I hire a professional. It…
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The Law: Prince Prevails: The Fair Use Wars Continue

© Sommer Browning for The Picture Professional

—by Joel L. Hecker, Esq. for The Picture Professional, Issue 2, 2013. IN A LONG AND EAGERLY AWAITED DECISION, The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed the ruling holding appropriation artist Richard Prince and his gallery Gagosian guilty of copyright infringement when Prince “re-used” the Rastafarian portraits of Patrick Cariou. The…
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A Tin of Fun: How to Make a Pinhole Camera

© Josh Steichmann for The Picture Professional.

—Text and images by Josh Steichmann for The Picture Professional, Issue 2, 2013. IN A WORLD WHERE RESEARCHERS ARE WORKING on bringing gigapixel cameras to below $100,000, taking deliberately simple pictures can be a fun way to goof around like a kid with the simplest photography possible and while still creating striking…
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