Urgent ASMP Request for Copyright Input

ASMP Needs to Hear Your Copyright Problems

PrintTogether with a broad coalition of photography groups and organizations, ASMP is developing a response to the April 24, 2015 Notice from the US Copyright office regarding modernization of the 1976 Copyright Act.

ASMP’s deadline for responses was last Friday (July 17th), but they might accept additional professional photo community input regarding issues and difficulties with copyright protection. Specifically:

  1. What are the most significant challenges related to monetizing and/or licensing photographs, graphic artworks, and/or illustrations?
  2. What are the most significant enforcement challenges for photographers, graphic artists, and/or illustrators?
  3. What are the most significant registration challenges for photographers, graphic artists, and/or illustrators?
  4. What are the most significant challenges or frustrations for those who wish to make legal use of photographs, graphic art works, and/or illustrations?
  5. What other issues or challenges should the Office be aware of regarding photographs, graphic artworks, and/or illustrations under the Copyright Act?

ASMP’s deadline was last Friday, July 17th, but if you have a compelling argument to make, send it ASAP to copyrightreform@asmp.org.

Jim Pickerell posted the same questions list on his Selling Stock website, along with some very helpful bullet points to organize your thoughts and focus your writing:
Obstacles that keep you from registering your copyrights regularly
Experiences you’ve had with take down notices or cease and desist letters
Difficulties finding attorneys willing to represent you against infringers
Challenges you’ve faced in trying to enforce your copyrights in Federal Court
Difficulty enforcing monetary judgements or collecting compensation from infringers
Any other experiences you’ve had that would help inform the Copyright Office and Congress of the challenges facing photographers under the current system.

For additional background and information, read ASMP’s Copyright Reform webpage.