Visual Connections Digest February 2015


A Digest of the Latest Posts on the Visual Connections Blog

ASPP members and other guests contribute industry relevant articles for the Visual Connections blog edited by ASPP member Ellen Herbert, owner of Neat Production.

Having Fun Creating Stock Images by John Lund. Our merry prankster and sometime contributor and ALL TIME Stock Photo Guy understands how to have fun in business! Sometimes you just have to have some fun making images… the driving force behind this nuclear Armageddon image.

Airstoc – The Professional Drone Marketplace, a VC Blog Interview. We’ve all dreamt of flying above the earth, in a languid perspective that reveals the secrets of our landscapes; which perhaps why the “aerial shot” is one of the most elemental parts of film productions; something that either gives us direct narrative perspective, or allows us to lose any perspective to a fugue state of wonderment.

Marrying Stills and Video: Flixel Promises a Long Engagement by Jain Lemos. Moving still photos, known as cinemagraphs, are gaining popularity with publishers, advertisers and creators looking for new ways to engage their viewers.

One Part Therapist, One Part Cheerleader and One Part Market Expert by Julian Jackson. Lindsey Nicholson has been working for over 25 years in the stock photography industry. Calling her a photo editor and marketer would do a disservice to her wide skill set. She has worked in agencies editing and selling images, and produced shoots, but now works for a number of stock photo libraries including Universal Image Group (UIG), marketing their content, as well as mentoring young photographers for the Young Photographers’ Alliance.

Charlie Hebdo Shooting: A Barbaric Act Against Media Freedom, from the European Federation of Journalists. Reposted with permission from PACA/DMLA. “The ‘massacre’ which took place today at the premises of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris is a barbaric act of violence against journalists and media freedom,” says the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ).

Launched in July 2012, topics on the VC blog cover career development, copyright, image creators, image sources, licensing, productivity tools and more.