What’s Your Niche: Photographing Art for the Guggenheim Museum

Kris Graves, photo © David Heald.

Kris Graves, photo © David Heald.

As posted at PDN Online by David Walker

ASPP MEMBER | Kris Graves

Photographer Kris Graves is director of +Kris Graves Projects and a dealer of contemporary photography and works on paper. He has also been a staff photographer at the Guggenheim Museum for more than six years, photographing paintings, drawings, and other art objects for the museum’s archives, catalogues, books, internal publications and press handouts. He describes the tools and techniques of photographing priceless works of art.

PDN: How did you become a specialist in photographing works of art, and how did you get the job at the Guggenheim Museum?
Kris Graves: I went to the State University of New York in Purchase, which has a great photo department. After college I worked at Christopher Burke Studios in New York City. We photographed art for galleries and independent artists. That’s how I moved into working here. One of my friends saw the job advertised online and I applied for it.

PDN: What appeals to you most about this type of work?
KG: I like that I’m good at it, and there’s always a need for it. And I like the studio setup. It’s all me. I can do it all on my own, which is great. I like being self-sufficient.

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