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Wild Wonders of Europe Project - American Society of Picture Professionals

Wild Wonders of Europe Project

Norwegian photographer Erlend Haarberg has won numerous international awards, and has been named Norwegian Nature Photographer of the Year six times. His images have been widely published in book projects and he is also a prolific writer of magazine articles. Together with his wife Orsolya, also a Wild Wonders of Europe photographer, Erlend has written and illustrated a book calledLapland-the Alaska of Europe.

For Wild Wonders, Erlend visited the Gran Paradiso National Park in Italy in early winter to photograph chamois and ibex in their mountain habitat, and he also worked on capercaillies and black grouse at their lek sites in the forests of Sweden. Click here to see a showcase of his work. To discover more about the 68 great nature photographers who contributed to the Wild Wonders of Europe project, check out the photographer gallery pages at Wild Wonders.

Rachelle Macapagal, Member